Draw Round 3 – 13th May

Round 3 Club Draw this Saturday 13th May.

Click on the Address link to take you to Google Maps.

(Updated 09/05/2023 4:00pm v2)

U6 Yellow1Fairfield MaulersFairfield OvalUlverstone St, Fairfield 9.00am
U6 Yellow2CabramattaNew Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta9.00am
U6 Blue3 GirlsWentworthville (4)Ringrose Park
(Monte Bennet)
Smith St, Wentworthville9.00am
U7 Yellow1Cabramatta (1)New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta9.50am
U7 Yellow2Mounties (1)McCredie ParkHOME GAME9.00am
U7 Blue3MerrylandsOld Sales Yard ReserveGladstone St, North Parramatta9.50am
U8 Red1Hills Bulls (1)Crestwood ReservePeel Road, Baulkham Hills9.00am
U8 Red2BYE
U8 Yellow3Wentworthville (2)Ringrose Park
(Monte Bennet)
Smith St, Wentworthville10.40am
U9 Div1Wentworthville (1)Ringrose Park
(Monte Bennet)
Smith St, Wentworthville1.10pm
U9 Div2MarconiMcCredie ParkHOME GAME9.00am
U10 Div1Rouse Hill (1)McCredie ParkHOME GAME9.50am
U10 Div2Hills Bulls (2)Crestwood ReservePeel Road, Baulkham Hills10.40am
U11 Div1Cabramatta (1)New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta12.00pm
U11 Div2Rouse Hill (2)McCredie ParkHOME GAME10.40am
U12 Div1Wentworthville (1)McCredie ParkHOME GAME12.20pm
U12 Div2Parra Titans McCredie ParkHOME GAME11.30am
U12 GirlsGreystanes Darling Street ParkMacleay St, Greystanes1.10pm
U13 Div2Greenacre Tigers McCredie ParkHOME GAME1.10pm
U14 Div2Berala BearsMcCredie ParkHOME GAME2.10pm
U14 GirlsWentworthville Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville11.30am
U15 Div1Hills Bulls (1)McCredie ParkHOME GAME6.10pm
U15 Div2Bankstown Sports (1)STEVE FOLKES RES. (McLean Oval) McClean St, Georges Hall   12.30pm
U15 Div3AST Tigers McCredie ParkHOME GAME5.10pm
U16 Div1Parra Titans Ollie Webb ReserveGlebe Street, Parramatta12.40pm
U16 Div2East Hills McCredie ParkHOME GAME3.10pm
U16 GirlsNarraweena Hawks McCredie ParkHOME GAME4.10pm
U18 GirlsMarrickville RSL KENSINGTON OVALCottenham Ave, KENSINGTON12.30pm
OpensSW Sharks McCredie ParkHOME GAMESUN 1.00pm

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