PreSeason Draw 1st Apr

PreSeason Week 1 Club Draw this Saturday 1st Apr.

Click on the Address link to take you to Google Maps.

( Updated 31/03/2023 7:30pmplease note some CHANGES )

U6 Yellow1Lalor ParkCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park9:50am
U6 Yellow2Parra TitanCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park10:40am
U6 Yellow3KellyvilleCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park11:30am
U6 GirlsHills BullsCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park12:20pm
U7 Blue1Parra TitansCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park9:00am
U7 Blue2KellyvilleCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park9:50am
U7 YellowRouse HillCavanagh ReserveVenn Ave, Lalor Park1:10pm
U8 Red1CabramattaMerrylands OvalBurnett St, Merrylands11:55am
U8 Red2MarconiMerrylands OvalBurnett St, Merrylands1:35pm
U8 YellowKellyvilleMerrylands OvalBurnett St, Merrylands9:50am
U9 Div1Hills BullsAdams ParkCanley Vale Rd, Canley Vale11:05am
U9 Div2AST TigersAdams ParkCanley Vale Rd, Canley Vale9:00am
U10 Div1MountiesCastlewood ReserveCastlewood Dr, Castle Hill2:25pm
U10 Div2Rouse HillCastlewood ReserveCastlewood Dr, Castle Hill1:35pm
U11 Div1
(3 Way Game)
WentworthvilleKellyville Park
(Bottom Field 1)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville5:20pm
U11 Div1
(3 Way Game)
Rouse HillKellyville Park
(Bottom Field 1)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville6:10pm
U11 Div2WentworthvilleKellyville Park
(Bottom Field 1)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville2:50pm
U12 Div1MountiesKellyville Park
(Top Field)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville2:25pm
U12 Div2Hills BullsKellyville Park
(Top Field)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville1:35pm
U12 GirlsGreystanesMcCredie ParkHOME GAME9:00am
U13 Div1Rouse HillKellyville Park
(Bottom Field 2)
Memorial Drive, Kellyville3:30pm
U14 Div2Rouse HillAdams ParkCanley Vale Rd, Canley Vale3:30pm
U14 Girls
(3 Way Game)
AST TigersMcCredie ParkHOME GAME10:20am
U14 Girls
(3 Way Game)
Hills BullsMcCredie ParkHOME GAME10:45am
U15 Div2aNO GAME
U15 Div2bNO GAME
U16 Div1Wentworthville (1)Darling Street ParkMacleay St, Greystanes12:00pm
U16 Div2Wentworthville (2)Darling Street ParkMacleay St, Greystanes9:00am
U16 GirlsAST TigersMerrylands OvalBurnett St, Merrylands4:15pm
U18 GirlsAST Tigers – Forfeit
Open MensLalor ParkMcCredie ParkHOME GAMESun 11:20am

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