Trials 18th March

Trials Club Draw this Saturday 18th Mar.

Click on the Address link to take you to Google Maps.

(Updated 14/03/2023 12:50pm)

U6 Yellow1Wenty 1Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral9.30am
U6 Yellow2Wenty 2Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral9.30am
U6 Yellow3Cabra 1Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral10:20am
U6 GirlsN/A
U7 Blue1Wenty 4Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral11:10am
U7 Blue2Wenty 1Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral10:20am
U7 YellowWenty 2Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral10:20am
U8 Red1Wenty 1Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville9:40am
U8 Red2Wenty 2Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville9:00am
U8 YellowWenty 3Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville9:00am
U9 Div1Wenty 2Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville10:20am
U9 Div2AustralCraik ParkFourth Ave, Austral1:00pm
U10 Div1N/A
U10 Div2Wenty 2Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral2:40pm
U11 Div1Wenty 1Craik ParkFourth Ave, Austral4:20pm
U11 Div2N/A
U12 Div1Cabra 1Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville11:10am
U12 Div2Wenty 2Ringrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville1:40pm
U12 GirlsMinchinburyRingrose ParkSmith St, Wentworthville12:00pm
U13 Div1N/A
U14 Div2Cabra 2New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta11:30am
U14 Div2Wenty 2New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta11:55am
U14 GirlsN/A
U15 Div1N/A
U15 Div2aCabra 2New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta2:00pm
U15 Div2aWenty 2New Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta3:00pm
U15 Div2bN/A
U16 Div1CabraNew Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta5:30pm
U16 Div2WentyNew Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta3:30pm
U16 GirlsMinchinburyNew Era StadiumSussex St, Cabramatta1:00pm
U18 GirlsN/A

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